Are you looking for gates and doors for your commercial complex? We have a wide selection that you can choose the gate, which fits your commercial structure. Gates available for your commercial structure are highly elaborate, magnificent and offering improved security. The design and styles for these gates is done to improve on your PR. There are wooden, iron, steel and fiberglass gates. We also allow for specific ordering.

In addition, we have these gates at highly competitive prices. To acquire your own, contact us as stock lasts. When you get in touch, we will also discuss on delivery terms as well as installation of the gate.


Is space in your compound or garage a problem? Then we suggest you consider sectional doors for your garage. A sectional door has higher utilization advantage. It is flexible enough to allow for easy opening and closing. If you car is parked in the garage and fills the entire room, sectionals is what you need. How will you install a sectional door? Relax; we have the expertise and the requirements for the job. Contact bus for a free quotation.


Rolling garage doors are great investment with a realizable ROI. There are rolling doors for all the types, materials and designs you might want. For your information, we have wooden rolling door sand they are available for very competitive prices. We also offer installation services for rolling doors, repair as well as replacement services for rolling doors. For a free quotation, please contact us.


Do you want a new experience with your garage door? The new roll up self-storage door in an option you might want to try. These types of doors are available in several materials; iron, fiberglass, steel…etc. self-storage doors are an investment that is guaranteed to make using your garage a completely new experience. Rolling up self-storage doors are a perfect for your residential garage even though they are also a perfect solution for commercial. For more, contact us.